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Wheelchair Cushions

Wheelchair cushions offer extra support for those who require it. From simple foam cushions to wheelchair cushions for pressure relief, we carry a wide selection of wheelchair seat cushions for all needs.

Which Wheelchair Cushion is Right for You?

Foam cushions are our most basic seat addition. Providing additional relief, these cushions are made of soft, premium quality foam. Foam cushions are ideal for users under 250 pounds who require basic seat padding.

A gel wheelchair cushion helps to redistribute pressure throughout the body. It is designed to assist in preventing, treating and managing pressure injuries. The gel bladder is encased in a foam shell, offering additional support and comfort. Our gel wheelchair cushions are waterproof and include a carry handle for travel.

For individuals who are at moderate to high risk of skin breakdown, we suggest single compartment cushions. These wheelchair cushions are also ideal for those who have zero to partial sensation or require increased stability while in their wheelchair. Compartment cushions help heal, treat and prevent pressure injuries. With the ability to constantly adjust to an individual's body over months and years, this customizable cushion is preferred over any other.

Support your lower spine with a memory-foam back cushion. This wheelchair cushion is designed with a lumbar conforming curve—granting additional support to your lower back. It also helps improve posture and provides additional comfort. The cushion easily attaches to the wheelchair, and has a non-slip vinyl back that stops the cushion from sliding.

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