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Nasal CPAP Masks

Triangular nasal CPAP masks are placed over a patient's nose and cover parts of their nasal bridge to their upper lip. These masks are lightweight and allow patients to move freely during their sleep. CPAP nasal masks come in a variety of shapes and sizes, and can be adjusted easily to an individual's face for the perfect fit.

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Benefits of a Nasal CPAP Mask

CPAP nasal masks allow for more natural breathing throughout the night as pressure is not directly pushed into the nasal cavity. These masks are ideal for patients who breathe through their nose and are recommended for mouth-breathers with the use of a chin-strap to help keep the mouth and jaw closed.

DME Supply carries a variety of CPAP nasal devices from industry leaders like ResMed and Respironics. Our unique Resprionics® nasal masks offer minimal facial contact while still providing the suction needed to stay intact on the patient's face. The lightweight design minimizes sleep disruptions and allows patients to move freely throughout the night.

Our selection of ResMed® nasal masks offer a unique design that provides a secure fitting to most patients. Never has finding the right size nasal CPAP mask been so effortless! With optimal flexibility and a winged forehead support, the mask reduces contact with a patient's forehead, eliminating pressure and reducing red marks.

With CPAP nasal masks from DME Supply USA, you or your patient can rest easy at night! Shop our selection of affordable masks today. And when you spend more than $99, shipping is on us!

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