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Bed Rails

We want to make sure our loved ones are safe, especially at night when we can't always be near them. Bed rails for adults are a simple and easy to install aid that prevents patients from falling or rolling out of bed. With a bed rail installed, both you and your loved one can sleep easy at night.

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Types of Bed Side Rails

Rails are built to accommodate most size home beds. There are numerous types of bed rails and depending on your needs, your rail style may differ.

Full length bed side rails are ideal for individuals who require maximum support. Spanning the full length of the bed, the rails not only prevent falls, but also act as support for those who have trouble getting into and out of bed.

For convenience you may decide on an adjustable bed rail. Maybe full length support is not necessary for your afternoon nap—simply use the push buttons to easily alter the size of your rail. Like all bed rails for adults, these can be used as support to help you get into and out of bed.

Individuals who use anelevated bedmay find the half-length side rail an ideal option. These bed safety rails fit easily onto any elevated bed and can help protect you while you are sitting upright or at a slant. Now you can fall asleep to your favorite movie without worry!

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