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Walking Canes

Stay mobile with a stylish cane from DME Supply USA. Whether it be a cane designed for individuals who require extra support or a handy umbrella cane for rainy days, find the perfect cane for your walking needs. Don't just walk; walk with personality! Our walking canes are available in a variety of designs and colors.

For individuals who require extra stability, browse our quad walking canes. With a four point base and an offset handle, this cane provides additional support. The ergonomic-designed handle and padded grip make walking long distances possible. As with all of our canes, the quad cane design is height adjustable.

For individuals who require limited support, view our single leg canes for sale. These walking canes can be operated with one arm while still providing ample stability. A padded grip reduces any hand or wrist stress an individual may experience. Shop different designs, patterns and colors.

Our specialty walking canes include folding canes for the blind, umbrella canes and canes with seats.

Choosing Your Cane for Walking

If you have any questions or concerns about the canes we offer, call our friendly customer representatives at 866-763-4363.

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