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Canes and Crutches

Choosing the perfect walking aid for your needs is important. Our selection of canes and crutches includes a variety of options — from canes for the blind to crutches for those recovering from surgery or ailment.

Finding a Cane for Your Needs

Stay in motion with a cane from DME Supply USA. For extra stability, we suggest a quad cane. These special canes are developed with an offset handle, which provides additional support for those who need it. Quad canes are height adjustable and are available in different colors.

Most of our single leg canes are designed with an ergonomic handle, helping to reduce stress on the hand and wrist. Our folding canes for the blind are constructed with high-quality aluminum and come with a wrist strap and reinforced nylon tip. For individuals living in a wet climate, our umbrella cane is a perfect solution for rainy days. The hidden cane can be detached from the umbrella, giving you walking support and keeping you dry from the rain.

Crutches for Temporary Assistance

Individuals recovering from surgery, sprains or any other ailment may use crutches for temporary assistance. Certain circumstances require two crutches, while others may require only one. All of our crutches are height adjustable and offer ample underarm padding and support.

Accessories for Canes and Crutches

DME Supply USA offers a variety of accessories for canes and crutches. Keep moving during the winter months with a cane ice grip. And for individuals who are unable to grip their walker, a crutch attachment may be a solution.

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