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Bedside Urinals

For elderly patients or individuals who have trouble with balance, a bedside urinal is the ideal solution for helping to prevent falls during the night. With two different designs, one for men and one for women, patients can use the device in the position that is most comfortable for them. The device can hold up to 32 ounces and confines odors inside so patients can remain safely in their bed throughout the night!

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Advantages of Bedside Urinals

There are many benefits to these urinals, but safety and comfort top the list. Learn more about how a bedside urinal can help keep you or your patient free from harm.

Safe and secure: Falls during the night can be dangerous to anyone trying to find their way to the bathroom in the dark. A bedside urinal allows patients to relieve themselves without stepping out of bed.

Comfortable for both men and women: The sturdy grip of our bedside urinals is designed for easy handling and can be used in several positions. DME Supply USA carries both female urinals and male urinals. Each type of equipment has a unique design that allows the patient to comfortably relieve themselves without worrying about spills.

Give your patients independence: Urinals for men and women provide patients with the tools they need to use the bathroom independently. There's no need to wake a bed partner or caregiver for extra assistance.

Bottle capacity: Our men's urine bottles and female urinals both have a capacity of 32 ounces. This ample volume allows patients to avoid spills and rest easy throughout the night.

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