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Receiving adequate nutrition throughout our lives is imperative to mind and body development. DME Supply USA carries a variety of nutrition supplies for everyone in the family, from newborns to active seniors.

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Nutrition Supplies for the Whole Family

Infant Formula: We carry a variety of infant formulas for all children. Many of our formulas include special nutrients found in breastmilk that aid in an infant's mental and visual development. Formulas for tube-fed patients are high in protein and calories to help your baby gain and maintain a healthy weight. Our formulas are highly absorbent, providing your child the vitamins and minerals they need to grow.

Toddlers: We carry the brands you know like PediaSure ® and Similac® for your growing toddler. Delicious milk-based supplements offer toddlers complete and balanced nutrition for their growing bodies. And when your little one feels under the weather, having a bottle of Pedialyte handy can help them bounce back quickly.

Adults: Adults struggling with involuntary weight loss will find a variety of delicious nutrition supplies at DME Supply USA. We carry top brands like Ensure® Active and Ensure® Plus. Patients who have trouble swallowing will still get to enjoy the taste of familiar foods with Thick-It® purees and juices.

Make sure your loved ones get the vitamins and minerals they need to grow and stay strong. Shop a variety of nutrition supplies for all taste buds at DME Supply USA.

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