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Medical Beds

If there's one thing you can count on every day, it's knowing that your bed, tried-and-true, will be waiting patiently for you. Whether you are looking for a medical bed for yourself, or a safer bed for a loved one, we understand that finding the perfect bed is incredibly important.

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Electric, Semi-Electric, or Bariatric Bed? Which is right for you?

Your circumstances or the circumstances of your loved one will determine the type of medical bed you'll need. For disabled individuals or patients who experience lack of mobility, a bed rail is an easy and affordable fix. Side rails prevent falls and help individuals stay safe and secure in their bed throughout the night. With side railings installed, everyone in the home can sleep soundly without worry.

Semi-electric beds are perfect for those who want the capability to position their bed as they please. Head and foot adjustments are not only for comfort—they can improve spinal alignment, breathing and blood flow.

Larger individuals may find more comfort in a bariatric bed.These beds allow for patients to rest comfortably, providing them with the ability to stretch out on a larger sleep surface. For reading or watching their favorite television shows, patients can easily adjust the bed as needed. Side rails can also be installed onto bariatric beds for extra security.

Questions About Our Medical Beds?

Don't hesitate to contact us with questions about our medical beds for sale. Our friendly customer service representatives are here to help you pick out the right bed for you or your loved. Call us at 866-763-4363 or write to us via email at

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