Insurance Participation

DME Supply USA's existence and development was based on offering the durable medical equipment (DME) to include but not limited to patient care aids, sleep therapy, oxygen, and other respiratory products at discounted prices due to high deductibles, coinsurance, no insurance, and sometimes simply needed extras not covered by insurance. Therefore DME Supply USA isn't a Medicare, Medicaid, nor any insurance payer participant and does not have a a National Provider Identifier (NPI) number to bill on behalf of our customers. Please see How to Bill Your Health Insurance Guide by DME Supply USA. Our intent is to provide as much information to our customers as possible to assist with your healthcare needs.

Although DME Supply USA doesn't participate with any insurance payer to include Medicare and Medicaid we will be happy to assist any customer in finding a provider that does participate with your insurance payer. We recognize that most of our customers visit our site for cost savings on out of pocket expenses; some aren't sure where to go or how to get their DME supplies through insurance. We are definitely here to help in any way we can while disclosing the full scope of our services and products along with other options available to our customers.

If you are a Medicare beneficiary or covered by any other insurance payer, please know that you have other options available rather than paying out of pocket for your DME supplies. We are only here to provide the alternative option that is available to those medical equipment users who wish to obtain these supplies at deeply discounted prices without billing insurance. Please call our knowledgeable and friendly staff at 866-763-4363 for more information about what we offer.

Thank you,

DME Supply USA