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Oxygen Masks

Oxygen masks deliver oxygen from a storage tank through the oxygen tubes to the patient. There are different types of masks, each designed for a specific case. Learn about which mask is right for you.

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Which Oxygen Mask is Right for You?

A simple oxygen mask or simple face mask fits over and around the patient's head. These masks are designed for individuals who do not receive enough oxygen to their lungs but are able to breathe on their own. Oxygen face masks are commonly used for patients who experience chest pain and dizziness. Masks are made with clear, soft vinyl for patient comfort and include a seven-foot tube so patients can move freely.

Nasal masks are designed for patients who cannot tolerate a cannula or for patients who have recurring necrosis. These oxygen masks deliver a gentle flow of oxygen to the individual which helps prevent irritation or dryness around the nose and nasal cavity. We carry both adult and pediatric nasal masks.

A trach mask is often used for patients who suffer from a chronic respiratory illness. Unlike a simple oxygen mask, a trach mask requires a patient to undergo an invasive procedure called a tracheotomy. Our trach masks use a swivel snout to accommodate multiple positions so the patient remains comfortable.

How Can We Help?

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