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Pulse Oximeters

Patients suffering from a respiratory disease need to be able to measure their oxygen saturation level and pulse quickly, especially in an emergency. A pulse oximeter is an inexpensive and non-invasive tool that measures both oxygen level and pulse, delivering the results in seconds.

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When Do I Use a Pulse Oximeter and How Does it Work?

Improving strength and overall health comes with frequent exercise. Though exercise is essential for patients with a respiratory disease, it's extremely important for these patients to monitor their oxygen saturation and pulse before, during and after exercise. Pulse oximeters, also known as finger oximeters, are a quick and easy way to measure these vitals. Oximeters can be used in many other situations like monitoring effects of a new lung medicine.

Pulse oximeters use red light and infrared light to measure how much light is being absorbed by the blood. By comparing these two lights, the oximeter is able to determine blood saturation level. The process lasts only a few seconds and is totally painless.

Perfect for travel or individuals on the go, the portable pulse oximeter is lightweight and compact, fitting into almost any size bag or purse. For small children, adults and seniors, the pulse oximeter is an indispensable tool for anyone who needs to monitor their blood oxygen levels.

Pulse oximeter prices may vary depending on their make and model, but you'll find affordable oximeters from DME Supply USA every day. If you have any questions about our respiratory devices, give us a call at 866-763-4363 or send us a note via email at

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