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Pediatric Nebulizer Compressor

With a pediatric nebulizer, your child will be able to play outside with friends, run, jump and skip without worry! DME Supply USA carries a variety of fun nebulizers for kids: from fire trucks to panda bears, your child will feel at ease when you give them their medicine.

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Nebulizers Made Just for Them

With bright colors and whimsical features, child nebulizers help remove a child's fear when you give them their medication. Our kid-friendly designs are interactive: with building blocks and firetrucks, children will be consumed in their own imagination while they receive their treatment.

Our kids nebulizers are also portable; they are easy to transport to school and the playground. Because the devices look like toys from the outside, children won't feel uncomfortable carrying them around. Some designs even come with a small backpack, great for overnight travel. These pediatric nebulizers are light, and each part of the kit has a specific storage spot within the device.

Nebulizers for kids are a great way to teach your children about their medication without inducing fear or discomfort. These affordable devices are ideal for any child experiencing respiratory issues.

Let your kids be kids! Browse our selection of nebulizer machines for kids to find one that suits your little one.

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