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Shoe Horns

For adults with limited flexibility, putting on shoes can be a tough task. Long shoe horns allow individuals to easily slide into their shoes without having to bend over or reach far. DME Supply USA carries a variety of shoe horns for individuals of all heights.

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The Benefits of a Long Shoe Horn

Shoe horns are a wonderful patient aid that can be used multiple times throughout the day. You'll wonder how you ever did without it!

Safe and secure: Shoe horns prevent patients from having to struggle with bending or leaning while they put on their shoes. For patients who suffer from lack of balance, these tools are an essential aid to have in the home. Starting the day on the right foot is easy with a shoe horn.

Durable yet gentle: Long shoe horns are constructed with durable plastic that won't bend or snap when in use. Though durable, these finely crafted tools are designed with smooth edges so patients won't have to worry about snagging their socks or stockings.

Suitable for all: DME Supply USA carries both long and extra-long shoe horns. Long shoe horns are suitable for most adults while extra-long shoe horns measure 23 inches and are ideal for taller individuals.

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