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Oxygen Regulators

When using an oxygen tank, patients need to be positive that they are consuming the correct amount of oxygen from their device. Oxygen regulators, sometimes called pressure regulators, make it easy for them to control and adjust oxygen flow.

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How Do Oxygen Tank Regulators Work?

An oxygen regulator attaches to a patient's oxygen tank or cylinder: It allows the patient or caretaker to regulate the amount of oxygen being flowed into the patient's tubing. Keeping the patient's blood oxygen level at the correct percentage is imperative to their health; a medical oxygen regulator makes it easy for caretakers and patients alike to monitor oxygen levels.

Adjusting the patient's oxygen flow is simple: Easily regulate the airflow by turning the flow up for more oxygen, or down for less oxygen.

Low or no flow: When the dial on your regulator shows no or low flow, it's time to replace or service your oxygen tank. Never try to replace or fix your oxygen tank on your own—rather, take your system in for a service.

How Can We Help?

Oxygen regulators are an imperative tool for patients using oxygen tanks or cylinders. Oxygen regulator prices vary, but you'll always find affordable medical devices with DME Supply USA. If you have any questions about our regulators, please call us at 866-763-4363 or send us a note via email at

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