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Long Term Care Mattresses

Patients who are bedridden for a prolonged period of time are highly susceptible to developing a plethora of different ailments. A foam or pressure redistribution mattress can prevent a variety of conditions caused by being bedridden.

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Prevention with a Pressure Redistribution Mattress

A long-term care mattress can aid in preventing joint and muscle soreness. Unlike a spring mattress, which pushes against the individual, foam mattresses yield to the patient and forms to their body. This ability allows the patient to move freely with ease and makes sure that their body is supported at all times.

Foam pressure redistribution mattresses also prevent, treat and manage pressure ulcers. As opposed to a traditional mattress, pressure within foam mattresses is never isolated to one area, rather it is distributed throughout the body. Many of our designs feature a tapered heel slope, which provides extra support to the lower leg and heel—areas frequently affected by pressure ulcers.

Transferring patients from their bed to a chair is a daunting process for many caregivers. Our foam beds feature high-density perimeters which provide solid edge support and helps facilitate patient transfers. With this unique design, there's never worry about causing harm or distress to your loved one.

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