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Oxygen Tubing

Oxygen tubing transfers oxygen from the tank or cylinder directly to the patient. The tube is placed under the patient's nose and includes two prongs that go inside the nostrils. Oxygen is delivered at low levels throughout the day and, on rare occasions, can be used to deliver oxygen at high levels. Oxygen tubes make it possible for patients to perform daily activities without interruption.

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Oxygen Tubing Features

Move freely: Our oxygen tubes are 15 feet long, allowing you or your loved to move with ease throughout the home. Don't worry about stepping on the tube; they're crush resistant and will always provide uninterrupted oxygen flow.

"No memory" tubing: Coil your tube for storage but don't fight to straighten it out again. Tubing won't curl or hold shape when uncoiled, ensuring lasting durability.

Three channel design: The three inside channels of the tube prevent the tubing from becoming crushed—this allows patients to roam freely without worrying about stepping on the tube or twisting it as they walk.

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