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Trapeze Bars

Trapeze bars are a very useful tool for patients who have trouble getting into and out of bed. Whether they suffer from imbalance or are temporarily bedridden due to surgery, an overhead trapeze helps increase stability and provides leverage to keep them safe and secure.

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Different Types of Trapeze Bars

DME Supply USA carries a variety of medical trapeze bars for all types of patients and beds. From patients who require a trapeze bar for bed mobility to bariatric patients, you can find an affordable option to fit your needs.

Patients who battle with permanent or temporary imbalance will often find relief in an overhead trapeze bar or freestanding bar. A trapeze bar for the bed allows patients to safely and comfortably adjust their position. The bar can be grabbed with one hand to provide the leverage needed to move around and can provide assistance to safely get into and out of bed.

For larger patients, DME Supply USA carries a uniquely designed bariatric trapeze bar. This sturdy bed trapeze is able to support several hundred pounds, assisting larger individuals as they change positions while in bed or as they transfer into and out of bed. Always check the medical trapeze bar specifications for user weight limits.

With a trapeze bar, the ability to move independently allows individuals to feel proud and dignified; no longer are they completely dependent upon their caregiver. Contact DME Supply at 1-866-736-4363 or via e-mail at if you have any questions.

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