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Nasal Pillow Masks

Nasal pillows are ideal for individuals who enjoy reading a book or watching television before bed. Unlike some full face or nasal masks, CPAP nasal pillows cover only a small part of the face, giving the patient more flexibility and movement. Anyone who experiences claustrophobia or is uncomfortable in confined spaces may prefer the nasal pillow design.

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Unique Benefits of the Nasal Pillow

There are unique benefits to choosing a CPAP nasal pillow mask over other types of CPAP masks. The most distinct difference is the minimal design, which covers only a small area of your face face.

Lightweight and minimal. For a comfortable and less invasive alternative to a bigger mask, the nasal pillow is an ideal choice. Without the need of a headgear system, these pillows use only a strap around the head to hold the mask in place.

Direct flow. Direct flow into the nasal passage minimizes air leakage and allows you to sleep soundly throughout the night. CPAP nasal pillow masks are also ideal for men with facial hair, as the pillow fits directly above the upper lip.

The perfect fit. Designed to be flexible for all individuals, the nasal pillow adjusts easily for a proper and snug fit. Our selection of ResMed® nasal pillows providesyou with a no-hassle sleep therapy system. With minimal parts, the device is simple to use and easy to clean.

Shop DME Supply USA for an easier and more comfortable sleep therapy system. Our affordable nasal pillows are available for men, women and children. As always, you'll receive free shipping with all orders over $99!

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