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Respiratory Accessories

For replacement tubes to peak flow meters, you'll find a variety of respiratory therapy accessories from DME Supply USA. We carry affordable, high-quality accessories from brands you know like Drive Medical, Salter Labs and Respironics. Learn more about our respiratory tools and devices to help keep you or your patient comfortable and at ease.

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Learning More About Respiratory Therapy Accessories

Replacing Your Nasal Cannula: Replacing your nasal cannula is easy and affordable with DME Supply USA. Our tubes are soft and highly elastic, preventing friction and discomfort. Find the softest nasal cannulas from DME Supply USA.

Tubing for Your Suction Machine: Our Drive suction tubing replacements are universal and can be used with most suction machines. These inexpensive tubes are flexible and allow the patient to move freely as he or she pleases.

Peak Flow Meters for Children and Adults: Peak flow meters are great respiratory therapy accessories for children and adults alike. These devices are compact and portable and can help you keep track of your peak expiratory flow, or "PEF", throughout the day. They're ideal for patients who want to keep an eye on their asthma symptoms.

Learning More About Respiratory Therapy Accessories

Contact us today if you have any questions about our respiratory accessories. Our friendly customer service representatives can answer your questions by phone at 866-763-4363 or via email at

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