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Pressure Mattresses

Providing the right mattress for your loved one is essential to their well-being. Bedridden adults, whether permanent or temporary, are at risk for developing a variety of serious ailments. A pressure mattress drastically reduces this risk and at the same time, promotes better health and wellness. Bring top-notch care into your home—learn how a medical bed mattress can improve the life of your loved one.

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The Benefits of a Pressure Relief Mattress

A common issue with bedridden patients is the high risk of developing bed sores or pressure ulcers; caused by a decrease in circulation and damaged soft tissue. Because our foam mattresses adjust to each individual's body, (rather than pushing back at the body like a spring mattress), pressure is relieved and the patient can rest easy.

Bedridden individuals often experience intense back pain caused by a lack of support around the lumbar area. The pressure mattress has the unique ability to contour to the body's curves, providing support throughout the length of the body and allowing the patient to sleep in his or her natural position.

If you have any questions about which pressure relieving mattress is right for you or your loved one, don't hesitate to contact us. Our friendly customer service representatives are here to help any way they can. Give us a call at 866-763-4363 or send us a note via email at

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