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Men's Incontinence

Incontinence may threaten to prevent you from doing the things you love, but with briefs and underwear that absorb fluid and reduce odor, you'll be able to move through your day with ease.

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Male incontinence is not uncommon, but it is controllable. DME Supply USA offers incontinence products for men that provide you with the comfort you get from regular briefs while aiding in repairing and moisturizing your skin.

Men's Incontinence Products: Affordable and Convenient

With a wide range of cotton briefs and breathable, disposable pull-ons, find an incontinence aid that will keep you dry and comfortable all day.

Reusable Briefs: For the environmentally conscious, a 100 percent cotton reusable brief is the ideal men's incontinence underwear. Discreet, these briefs look just like any pair of underwear. The soft cotton elastic in the waist and leg bands provides a comfortable fit, perfect for long days away from home. For those who require light to moderate absorbency, these are the briefs for you.

Disposable Briefs: On-the-go guys will love our breathable disposable briefs. Incontinence underwear for men shouldn't be bulky and uncomfortable; the soft inside of our disposable briefs offers a cloth-like feel and is gentle against the skin. The uniquely designed laminated outer covering prevents leakage, and an additional outside layer keeps odor from escaping.

When searching for affordable incontinence supplies for men, you'll find them at DME Supply USA. If you have any questions about briefs or other protective underwear for male incontinence, don't hesitate to call us at 866-763-4363.

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