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Home Oxygen Concentrators

You may be asking yourself, What's the difference between a stationary oxygen concentrator and a portable one? Before investing in a home oxygen concentrator, learn about and understand which device is best for you.

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Stationary vs. Portable, Which is Right for Me?

Generally speaking, stationary oxygen concentrators and portable concentrators are similar. Both machines take in air from the environment and deliver it to the patient through a breathing tube. The biggest difference between the two is weight; portable concentrators are much lighter, therefore perfect for active adults who are always on the go.

Stationary concentrators are ideal for patients who spend much of their time within the home. These devices are heavier and offer higher flow rates compared to their portable counterparts. Though not suitable for outside travel, home oxygen concentrators are equipped with wheels, allowing the patient and the concentrator to move from room to room with ease.

Exhaust systems on our stationary oxygen concentrators are uniquely designed to direct airflow away from the user. The device is quiet and allows patients to sleep soundly during the night. Start breathing easier with a home concentrator from DME Supply USA.

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