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Fall Mats

We can't always be around our aging loved ones and we worry about them most when they're home alone, especially during the night. But we can take small steps to keep them safe and prevent them from harm. A bedside fall mat is a wonderful and extremely affordable preventative aid that can help soften the impact of a fall or trip.

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Everything You Need to Know About Fall Mats

These mats use a unique foam that absorbs the impact of a fall and helps to prevent serious injuries. Soft fall mats are most often placed next to the bed but can be put at the bottom of the staircase or in other areas where falls most commonly occur. Fall mats are non-intrusive—most can be folded up and put away for easy storage or transport. For active seniors who travel frequently, the mat can be folded and placed in the trunk of a car.

Many accidents among senior patients occur within the home, with trips and falls accounting for numerous hip and knee injuries annually. Because of age and bone deterioration, many patients never recover fully. Fitting your home or the home of your loved one with prevention fall mats is essential to their safety. We never want falls to happen to our loved ones, but if they do, we'll be better prepared with a soft fall mat.

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