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Incontinence Briefs

Incontinence briefs offer a discreet and comfortable way for patients to stay dry throughout their day. From morning yoga to walks around the neighborhood, adult briefs make it possible for men and women to live their lives, doing the things they love.

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Types of Incontinence Briefs

DME Supply USA carries both disposable and reusable briefs, as well as incontinence briefs for bariatric patients. When choosing briefs, it's important to consider the patient's lifestyle and absorbency needs.

The Active Adult: Active men and women will find comfort and protection in Attends briefs. Using a soft, cloth-like liner, these briefs are gentle against the skin. The breathable outer covering prevents leakage, and the acquisition layer locks fluids while preventing odor. Keeping an active lifestyle without worrying about accidents is possible!

Incontinence Briefs for Men Men's incontinence briefs provide the simplicity of a regular pair of briefs while offering leakage and odor protection. The cloth-like fabric looks and feels just like any pair of underwear and allows for fluid movement throughout the day. These incontinence briefs are ideal for men on-the-go.

Briefs for Bariatric Patients: Bariatric briefs offer maximum protection against heavy incontinence. The cloth-like fabric helps keep the patient's skin smooth, while breathable zones help to reduce irritation.

Find affordable men and women's incontinence briefs at DME Supply USA. If you have a question about our products, shipping or delivery, don't hesitate to contact us by phone at 1-866-736-4363 or via e-mail at

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