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Bariatric Mattresses

An effective bariatric mattress can drastically improve a patient's health and wellness. A bariatric mattress not only provides comfort, but it helps prevent, manage and even treat bed sores (or pressure sores). Many of these mattresses have the ability to adjust pressure points along the surface, supporting the body at every angle. Read more about how this aid and its benefits.

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How Can a Pressure Sore Mattress Improve My Life?

Bariatric mattresses not only improve the lives of the patient, but they improve the lives of caretakers too. As caretakers, you can't always know what your loved one is feeling or what they need to be more comfortable. You can't know when a pressure sore begins to form or if their current mattress is causing strain on their back or shoulders. By providing your loved one with a pressure reducing mattress, you'll be sure that they are resting easy.

Bariatric mattresses are designed specifically for larger patients—the bigger surface area allows patients to spread out and stretch as they please. For a patient who already has his mattress, caretakers may think about adding a gel overlay to the bed. An affordable alternative to a full mattress, the pad covers the entire patient area in order to prevent and treat pressure ulcers. Because gel bladders are spread throughout the mattress, pressure along the body is redistributed evenly, helping with blood flow, circulation as well as preventing any aches and pains.

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