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Briefs and protective underwear are great options for preventing leaks due to incontinence, but when accidents in the home occur, being prepared with underpads can help protect your furniture. DME Supply USA carries a variety of disposable underpads with varying sizes and absorbency to protect your bed, chairs and many other surfaces in your home.

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Underpads for the Entire Home

From your bed to your favorite lounge chair, finding the right sized underpad is easy with DME Supply USA's large selection of incontinence supplies.

Disposable Bed Pads: Night pads for the bed contain a unique and super absorbent fiber to protect the bed when leaks occur. The soft, cloth-like top sheet helps keep the patient comfortable throughout the night, even when an accident happens. For patients with sensitive skin, disposable bed sheets with extra protection help reduce the risk of skin breakdown and irritation.

Underpads for Chairs and Other Small Surfaces: For chairs or wheelchairs, smaller incontinence underpads are a great option. Not only do they protect furniture and keep the patient dry, these pads also promote skin wellness, making sure the patient is comfortable and free of irritation.

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