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Alternating Pressure Mattresses

Skin breakdown is a common consequence for bedridden adults, especially adults who have lost the ability to move on their own. To prevent and treat skin breakdown, we recommend an alternating pressure mattress. These mattresses are designed to optimize pressure redistribution throughout the body and manage skin maceration.

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How Do Alternating Pressure Mattresses Work?

Low air is pushed throughout the mattress, inflating and deflating the bladders. This movement constantly changes the pressure points along the body—helping to promote blood flow and circulation.

Not only do pressure reducing mattresses help distribute and alternate pressure, they also aid in preventing bed sores (or pressure sores). Pressure sores develop when pressure against the skin limits blood flow—because our alternating pressure mattresses are always in motion, bed sores are easily preventable.

What Can We Do to Help You?

We want to help you find the most suitable pressure sore mattress for your loved one. If you need assistance choosing a mattress, don't hesitate to contact us by phone at 866-763-4363 or via email at

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