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Women's Incontinence

Incontinence is not uncommon in women and becomes more prevalent as we age. Finding the right incontinence products can help you continue to live the life you've always had. Feeling comfortable in your own skin has always been important, but having the confidence to travel, work and play is essential now more than ever. Browse our large selection of discreet and comfortable incontinence products for women.

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Finding Incontinence Underwear That Works for You

Why should we have to adapt to our underwear? At DME Supply USA, you'll find women's incontinence underwear that adapts to your body and lifestyle.

For the active woman who is always on-the-go, women's incontinence panties are ideal. This line of underwear is discreet; it looks and feels just like an everyday pair of panties. Ultra-comfortable and made from 100 percent cotton, these panties are available for light to moderate absorbency. From yoga class to a Tuesday morning board meeting, you'll be covered.

DME Supply USA also carries disposable incontinence underwear for women. Disposable briefs are a great option for women who need extra absorbency. Quilted briefs offer breathable side panels that allow air to pass through, keeping your skin dry and comfortable. Though disposable, the cloth-like design offers a soft and quilted feel, keeping you moving throughout your day without irritation.

Incontinence products for women are created to fit your lifestyle and needs. There's no reason not to keep on enjoying the things you love to do! With women's incontinence underwear, the sky is your limit.

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