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CPAP Mask Parts

For your overall health and wellness, frequently replacing parts of their CPAP mask is important. DME Supply USA carries a variety of CPAP mask parts for individuals who use a range of sleep therapy methods. Benefits of new mask parts include an increase in comfort, a decreased risk of infection due to bacteria, and an increase in . . . your sleep therapy effectiveness.

Replacement CPAP Mask Parts

DME Supply USA carries a variety of sleep apnea mask parts suitable for anyone using a nasal pillow, nasal mask, or full face CPAP mask. Whether you're in need of forehead support or tubing, we carry it all!

Mask cushions should be replaced frequently, usually two to four weeks after initial use. Because masks, whether nasal, nasal pillow or full face, are in constant contact with the face, replacing them regularly is important because bacteria is likely to build up.. View our selection of Respironics® and ResMed® mask parts when it's time to replace your nasal or full face mask.

Upgrading to a new mask tube after three to four months is vital for sleep therapy effectiveness. As time goes on, tubing is at risk of developing small holes or tears, which may lead to leakage.

Shop our CPAP mask parts to find a replacement piece for almost every area of your CPAP mask. If you have any questions about our sleep apnea mask parts, feel free to ask our knowledgeable customer service representatives. They can be reached by telephone at 866-763-4363 or via e-mail at

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