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Reclining Wheelchairs

Lightweight and ultra-comfortable, reclining wheelchairs are ideal for individuals with orthostatic hypotension or hip extension contractures. Reclining wheelchairs may also be a good fit for those requiring extra neck or back support. And for seniors who easily become drowsy when away from home, a wheelchair that reclines may be their preferred mobility aid.

These reclining wheelchairs allow for unlimited positioning within 180 degrees. While in a reclined position, individuals can stretch out comfortably: arms still have support through an armrest extension. Every wheelchair comes standard with swing-away elevating leg rests. Depending on the model, foot plates may be aluminum or metal.

Who Can Operate a Reclining Wheelchair?

Individuals can be pushed by a companion or operate their wheelchair independently. A high back reclining wheelchair is suitable for both short and long trips. Fitted with lightweight chrome hand rims, the wheelchair moves easily both indoors and outdoors. For extra security, wheels are positioned further back on the frame to prevent tipping.

Do Reclining Wheelchairs Offer Headrests?

Most of our reclining wheelchair models are equipped with a headrest extension. Extensions may also include a cushioned head immobilizer. These headrests can be used when the wheelchair is in the reclined and upright position.

Choosing Your Reclining Wheelchair

If you have questions about reclining wheelchairs, feel free to reach out to us. Our helpful customer service representatives will answer any questions you may have. Call us at 866-763-4363.

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