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Suction Equipment

Having the proper suction equipment is imperative for patients who have undergone a tracheotomy. Suction machines easily remove fluids like saliva, mucus, blood and vomit from a patient's airway. Being able to access a respiratory suctioning system quickly is not only convenient, it could be a life saver.

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Types of Suction Equipment

There are many different types of respiratory suctioning equipment. Learn about which unit is right for you or for your loved one.

For the Little Patients: Children are not immune to respiratory illnesses, and for those who have undergone a tracheotomy, finding a suction machine that will keep them smiling is essential. Our pediatric suction device comes in bright colors and fun shapes to keep your little patient calm and comfortable. Lightweight yet durable, this suction machine is portable and comes with a handy transport bag.

Suction Equipment for Adults: DME Supply USA carries a variety of respiratory suctioning devices for adults. These models provide the same performance expected in a hospital with the ease of operation required for homecare use. Our quiet suction equipment units clear airways quickly with a fraction of the noise levels generated by most other suction units. With one of these devices at home, you have the ability to clear liquids and fluids from your patient's airway at any moment, which is crucial to their safety and well-being.

Suction Supplies: You may need to replace your suction machine's tube or canister after frequent use. Find affordable and durable replacements at DME Supply USA.

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