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Oxygen Humidifier Bottles

Patients who experience frequent nosebleeds or nasal discomfort may find relief with an oxygen humidifier bottle. These inexpensive accessories easily attach to most concentrators and provide moisture to the air, preventing the patient's nasal passage from drying out.

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Humidifier Bottles: On-The-Go and at Home

Oxygen humidifier bottles are light and compact; they're perfect for use at home and for use on-the-go.

At Home. Patients using an oxygen concentrator in their home are prone to developing a dry nose and throat due to the lack of moisture in the air. For individuals with sensitive skin, dry skin may lead to frequent nose bleeds and even irritation within the nasal cavity. A humidifier bottle for an oxygen concentrator is a quick and inexpensive solution; as oxygen passes through the tank, the humidifier bottle mixes the oxygen with water to help moisten the air.

On-The-Go. Just because you have a respiratory illness doesn't mean you have to stop doing the things you love. Adults who use a portable oxygen concentrator still have the ability to travel, exercise and enjoy their day-to-day lives with minimal interruption. For individuals with dry and sensitive skin, oxygen humidifier bottles work just as well on portable concentrators! They're lightweight, small and perfect for travel; you can store them easily in your concentrator or carry-on bag. No matter where you go, you'll be sure that the air you breathe is just right for you.

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