Manufacturer : Cleanis

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Cleanis CareBag® Men's Urinal



  • Avoid soiling of plastic urinal, never clean a urinal again!
  • The super absorbent pad turns up to 16oz of urine into a gel, no more spills or splashes!
  • No more unpleasant odors once liner is sealed
  • Improves comfort to patient, caregiver, and family members
  • Secures the collection, transportation and disposal of urine
  • For extra absorption, you may use an additional Gelmax Super Absorbent Pad (sold separately)

Carebag Men's Urinal with Super Absorbent Pad, 20 Count

Who likes to clean a plastic male urinal after use?

You don't have to do it anymore! The Carebag Men's Urinal Bag has been designed to effectively catch and contain urine and spare you the trouble of cleaning up your clothes, bed sheets or floor in case of spillage. It is a medical grade bag equipped with a unique super absorbent pad which turns up to 16 ounce of urine into a gel within seconds. Designed for both children and adults, it is the ideal solution for bedridden individuals, people subject to stress incontinence or simply when a toilet is not available.

Store it in your car's glove compartment, emergency kit, backpack or anywhere you might need it!

These disposable bags are for one time use.

Instructions for use:
  1. Open the box and take a bag.
  2. Open the bag, hold it with both hands and urinate directly inside the bag. Bodily fluids turn into gel within seconds.
  3. To close: Hold the white string in one hand and the blue string in the other hand, pull tightly and tie a knot. Dispose of the sealed bag in the household waste just like for diapers. DO NOT FLUSH.

Ideal for Use In:

  • At Home Care
  • Urology or Dialysis care
  • Police, Fire, and EMT
  • Patient Transport
  • Orthopaedics
  • Pre and Post Operative Care units
  • Rehabilitation Centers
  • Ready-to-use

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Manufacturer Cleanis
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Weight 1.000000
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Included in Box 20 disposable urinal bags
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  • Manufacturer:Cleanis
  • Weight:1.000000
  • Prescription Required:No
  • Included in Box:20 disposable urinal bags
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