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Crutches are a great temporary walking aid for those who are recovering from knee surgery, a sprained ankle or any other event that has impaired their walking ability. For bariatric patients, forearm crutches may be preferred over using a cane.

Our crutches are ergonomically designed: Arm cuffs mold for extended comfort and stability. True for all of the designs and styles we offer, our crutches are height adjustable. Hand grips are created with foam that molds to your hand, helping create a pleasant travel experience. No need to worry about sore underarms: These crutches are designed with comfort in mind. The contoured design forms to your underarm, ensuring a smooth ride.

For the little ones, browse our pediatric forearm crutches. Smaller in size, these crutches offer the same stability as crutches for adults. With adjustable legs and forearms, these crutches will fit any sized child. Extra-large tips at the bottom of these crutches provide your child with extra stability so they can keep moving!

Our Price and Quality Promise

At DME Supply USA, you can shop for brand new crutches. Be sure that you are getting the highest quality walking aid at the most affordable price. If you have any questions or concerns about our products, please call us at 866-763-4363. Our friendly customer service representatives will be happy to talk with you about all of your needs.

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