Manufacturer : DeVilbiss

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Transcend Micro CPAP Machine

Transcend Micro CPAP Travel Machine

Drive DeVilbiss iGo2 Portable Oxygen Concentrator


Introducing the iGo2! This groundbreaking iGo2 Portable Oxygen Concentrator is a new class of product - an auto adjusting POC! The iGo2 sets the new standard for portable oxygen.

The first-of-its-kind POC uses patented SmartDose® Technology that detects your breath rate and will deliver more oxygen when it increases, in response to changes in your breathing pattern.

You'll no longer have to manually adjust oxygen settings and will gain the freedom and confidence to live a more active lifestyle. The peace of mind you’ve been waiting for.


  • More sensitive conserver trigger (0.05 cm H2O) with the ability to detect patient breathing at a lower pressure than other competitive POCs currently on the market.
  • Protective, rugged overmold provides an extra layer of protection against drops and damage.
  • Lightweight and easy to carry in its convenient over-the-shoulder carry bag.
  • Battery and LCD screen controls are located on top of the concentrator and easily accessible while in the carry case.
  • SmartDose Technology can be turned off in favor of Standard PulseDose®.
  • Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) compliant for in-flight use.
  • Bluetooth™ connectivity allows you and your doctor to see how their unit is performing.
  • Durable, high-quality design.
  • Fits in a convenient carry bag with pockets for extra batteries.

Auto-Adjusting is What Puts SmartDose in a Class of Its Own

No other POC can match the oxygen delivery performance efficiency of iGo2 when using SmartDose. Competitive POCs deliver oxygen one of two ways. At a given oxygen setting, the POC either (1) delivers the same oxygen dose with every breath, regardless of your breathing pattern and rate...or (2) the POC delivers the same total amount of oxygen each minute (fixed minute volume), changing the oxygen dose delivered with each breath, based on your actual breathing rate. In this second approach, as your breathing rate increases, the oxygen dose delivered with each breath decreases.

How Does SmartDose Technology Work?

The breathing patterns and rates of oxygen users typically change with activity levels – breath rates are lower when sitting, and higher during periods of activity, such as walking. This is often due to changing oxygen needs in response to the demands of the different activities. Continuously monitoring your breathing pattern when enabled, SmartDose will automatically adjust to ensure optimal oxygen delivery with each breath-better matching the oxygen delivery to changes needed throughout the day.

With the iGo2 and SmartDose, there is no need to manually adjust oxygen settings helping you gain the freedom and confidence to live a more active lifestyle.

Standard and SmartDose Mode Oxygen Bolus Dispense Table

Setting Fixed Minute Volume per Setting (ml) Bolus Volume @ 10 BPM (ml) Bolus Volume @ 20 BPM (ml) Bolus Volume @ 25 BPM
1 260 26.0 13.0 10.4
2 440 44.0 22.0 17.6
3 725 72.5 36.3 29.0
4 880 88.0 44.0 35.2
5 1014 101.4 50.7 40.6

Included in box:

Product SKUProduct NameQuantity
DV51D-606US POWER CORD1 unit
DV6X-619DC car adaptor for IntelliPAP 21 unit
125D-613iGO2 Battery packOption: 1 or 2 unit(s)
125D-670iGO2 Carrying case1 unit
125CH-613iGO2 Battery Charger (US)1 unit
DV68-620iGO2 AC power supply1 unit
More Information
Availability in stock
Quantity No
Manufacturer DeVilbiss
Brand Drive Medical
DC Power Options N/A
Dimensions 8.4" (21.3 cm ) x 3.5" (8.9 cm) x 8.4" (21.8 cm)
Dimensions with Battery N/A
Weight 4.850000
Weight with Battery N/A
Weight Without Battery N/A
Sound Level <37dBA (Setting 2) 20BPM
Warm-Up Time N/A
Flow Settings 1 to 5 (see table in "Product Details" Tab)
Flow Type N/A
Pulse Mode Setting N/A
Continuous Flow Settings N/A
Oxygen Purity 90% +4/-3 over entire operating range
Breath Rate N/A
Max Outlet Pressure N/A
AC Input Range N/A
DC Output N/A
Alarm Type N/A
Ramp N/A
Battery Rechargable [Manufacturer: 125D-613]
Battery Duration min. 3.5 hours (Setting 2)
Battery Weight N/A
Battery Dimensions N/A
Battery Recharge Time N/A
Noise Level N/A
Operating Temperature Universal
voltage_110 N/A
Operating Humidity N/A
Operating Altitude N/A
Operating Environment Universal
Storage Environment N/A
Transportation Protective Lightweight Carrying Case Included
Exhalation Relief N/A
Flow Range N/A
HCPCS E1390 + E1392
Humidity Range N/A
Included in Box N/A
Inspiratory trigger sensitivity 0.05 cmH2O
Liter Flow 1014mL
Materials N/A
Prescription Required No
Recharge Time N/A
Warranty Drive DeVilbiss warrants this equipment to be free from defects in workmanship and materials for five (5) years from date of factory shipment to the original purchaser (typically the healthcare provider) with the exceptions of the Compressor (warranted fo
Battery Type Standard
Position in search results N/A
  • Manufacturer:DeVilbiss
  • Brand:Drive Medical
  • Dimensions:8.4" (21.3 cm ) x 3.5" (8.9 cm) x 8.4" (21.8 cm)
  • Weight:4.850000
  • Sound Level:<37dBA (Setting 2) 20BPM
  • Flow Settings:1 to 5 (see table in "Product Details" Tab)
  • Oxygen Purity:90% +4/-3 over entire operating range
  • AC Power:Includes AC Adapter for US Outlets [Manufacturer: DV51D-607]
  • DC Power:Includes DC Adapter [Manufacturer: DV6X-619]
  • Battery:Rechargable [Manufacturer: 125D-613]
  • Battery Duration:min. 3.5 hours (Setting 2)
  • Operating Temperature:Universal
  • Operating Altitude:N/A
  • Operating Environment:Universal
  • Operating Conditions:Everyday Use
  • Transportation:Protective Lightweight Carrying Case Included
  • HCPCS :E1390 + E1392
  • Inspiratory trigger sensitivity:0.05 cmH2O
  • Liter Flow:1014mL
  • Prescription Required:No
  • Warranty:Drive DeVilbiss warrants this equipment to be free from defects in workmanship and materials for five (5) years from date of factory shipment to the original purchaser (typically the healthcare provider) with the exceptions of the Compressor (warranted fo
  • Color:White / Gray
  • Battery Type:Standard
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