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You're never sure how the day will unfold, but with bed aids from DME Supply USA, you'll know that when you get to your bedroom at night, you'll feel at peace. We understand how important rest and relaxation is to your overall well-being, which is why we offer an enormous selection of affordable bedroom aids to help you feel at ease in your bedroom.

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Bed Aids for the Home

Sometimes we wake up with aches and pains, some nights we are restless, we toss and turn and count everything from sheep to shooting stars. As our bodies change over the years, it is important that our bedroom changes with it. Bed aids promote more sound sleep and increase our overall peace of mind.

Sleep Soundly: From your head to your toes, we carry a variety of therapeutic pillows and mattresses that help relax your muscles and improve circulation. Browse elevating leg rests that relieve back pressure and even a pillow that emits ambient sounds to induce relaxation. For total body relaxation, shop our foam mattresses. With models that redistribute pressure and provide maximum comfort, you'll find the perfect one for you.

Sleep Securely: If you feel uneasy about leaving a loved one in their bed alone at night, bed railing may be a simple solution. This piece of bed equipment prevents patients from rolling off the bed during the night. It's easy to install and fits all home-style beds. With bed rails, both you and your loved ones will sleep at ease.

Safe Transfers: We carry a variety of in-home aids for getting out of bed. Our trapeze bars help loved ones lift themselves up in their bed as well as transfer from their bed to a chair.

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