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BiLevel Machines

Unlike a standard CPAP machine, BiPAP machines have multiple settings that allow users to adjust the pressure. For certain patients, the constant pressure released by a CPAP device may make exhaling difficult. BiPAP's provide decreased pressure so that patients can breathe naturally. DME Supply USA offers a variety of BiPAP machines for sale from leading brands in the industry like DeVilbiss and ResMed.

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Benefits of a BiPAP Machine

For any individual suffering from a lung or respiratory disease, an in home BiPAP machine can drastically improve their quality of life. Most commonly used at night while the patient is asleep, these devices help keep the individual's airways open, allowing them to breathe naturally.

Sound Sleep at Night: A good night's rest has immediate benefits to a patient — their energy and mood often increases, and they become more alert and more focused throughout the day.

Quiet Devices: Devices like our Respironics® BiPAP emit little noise, allowing both the patient and their partner to sleep soundly throughout the night.

Sleep Tracking: For patients who want to track their sleep progress, a ResMed® BiPAP machine is equipped with technology that allows patients to track their progress and receive personalized coaching throughout their sleep therapy.

Purchasing Your BiPAP Machine from DME Supply USA

DME Supply USA offers a variety of affordable devices for individuals of all needs and budgets. BiPAP machine prices vary with each model, and if you're unsure about which device is best for your patient, feel free to contact us. Customer service representatives can be reached at 866-763-4363 or via e-mail at

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