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Drop Arm Commodes

Individuals in a wheelchair may find going to the bathroom to be an uncomfortable ordeal. A drop arm commode helps facilitate the processes and gives the patient a sense of pride and independence.

How Does the Drop Arm Commode Work?

This unique commode is designed with easy-to-release arms that fold or “drop” out of the way, allowing patients to more easily transfer to and from the toilet. Without a drop arm commode, patients usually request help from a caretaker. This special commode allows patients to slide laterally to and from the commode, without having to lift themselves up out of their wheelchair. Granting individuals the ability to relieve themselves without aid, the drop arm commode quickly becomes an indispensable tool.

Just like a standard commode, the drop arm commode is portable, with some models equipped with wheels for effortless mobility. For those who prefer or require extra padding, be sure to select a model with a cushioned seat.

For nighttime use, this aid turns into a drop arm bedside commode. No longer do patients have to awake their caretaker to help them when nature calls. With this aid, individuals can easily slide into the commode from the bed and slide back without issues.

What's Included With Your Drop Arm Commode

The commodes we carry are easy to put together and most can be assembled without tools. All of our commodes come with a commode bucket with carry handles and a splash shield.

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