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Bedside Commodes

Imagine this: you are relaxing in your favorite chair… and nature calls. An in-home commode makes it easy for you to relieve yourself without worrying if you will make it to the bathroom in time. And for nighttime emergencies, a bedside commode eliminates the struggle of navigating to the toilet in the dark. Commodes are accessible for all individuals with mobility issues as well as those who are recovering from surgery or injury.

A Commode For Everyone

Every Day at Home:Lightweight and portable, commodes are perfect for the home. From morning until evening, the aid can be moved with you around the home. With a portable commode, you are never too far from the bathroom.

Recovering From Surgery:A bedside commode is ideal for patients who are bedridden or recovering from surgery or injury. The commode allows individuals to easy slide into the toilet from their bed, with limited or no assistance. Give them back their independence with this bedside aid.

Individuals in Wheelchairs:Drop arm commodes are an incredible aid for those in wheelchairs. With the ability to collapse one arm, the patient easily slides into the commode without assistance from another. Seat padding and back support help make this commode comfortable yet sturdy.

How Can We Help?

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