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Tub Rails

For the elderly, disabled or injured, a tub rail is an easy and affordable solution for helping individuals in and out of the bath tub. The ergonomically designed rail sits perpendicular to the tub, providing individuals with the support they need to safely enjoy a relaxing bath.

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Why You Need a Tub Rail

Wet floors and a soapy tub are two ingredients that can cause an enormous catastrophe. For the elderly, disabled or injured, the bathroom is no longer a place of relaxation, rather it has transformed into a place of peril. There are many ways to create a safer bathroom experience for you or your loved ones, and a simple solution is a tub rail.

With a tub rail installed, individuals no longer need assistance getting into and out of the tub. The aid attaches to the side of the tub and is used as a support handle. Once safely inside the tub, patients can enjoy a calming bath, without the fear of getting out of the tub lingering above them.

Because the rail does not require tools for setup, it can easily be removed for storage or travel. For those who are always on the move, taking a bath outside your own home is no longer a concern.

Small moments during the day, like taking a bath without the assistance of another, gives individuals a sense of pride and independence. When you purchase a tub rail for elderly patients, handicapped or injured individuals, you provide so much more than a simple bathroom aid.

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