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Shower Chairs

For anyone who has trouble standing for long periods of time, a shower chair is a simple solution. Promoting safe bathing, the shower seat is placed in the tub or shower, allowing patients to rest comfortably while washing.

Components of the Shower Chair

We carry both shower benches and chairs. For individuals who require extra support, a shower chair with back support is recommended. Benches cover a greater surface area and can be a preferred aid for bariatric patients. Most of our benches are also available with a back support add-on.

Every one of our bath seats is equipped with rubber footing, which prevents the seat from sliding or slipping. Many models also include drainage holes in the bench, ensuring that the individual's body does not slide while seated. For additional support and comfort, some of our bath chairs include a removable padded armrest.

Shower chairs can easily be folded for storage or travel. The perfect companion for long trips, your chair can accompany you all over the world. Our chairs and benches are lightweight, durable and corrosion proof.

Every seat adapts to the size of the patient and bathtub or shower. Seat height can be adjusted in one-inch increments, ideal for use in any bathroom.

Can We Help You Pick Your Shower Chair?

Our friendly customer service representatives are here to help you create a safer bathroom experience. If you have any questions about our shower chairs, please contact us by phone at 866-763-4363 or via email at

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