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Bath Safety

With the right tools and accessories, protecting yourself or your loved ones in the bathroom can be much easier. DME Supply USA has a large collection of affordable bath safety products that transform your bathroom experience from worrisome to worry free.

Tools We Offer to Promote Bath Safety

Individuals who may have difficulty sitting down or getting up from the toilet will benefit from our raised and elongated toilet seat. This lightweight addition adds five inches to most elongated toilets, providing a shorter distance between the patient and the seat. Side bars for arm support are durable and aid the patient as they sit into and get up from the toilet. Browse other additions for your toilet or commode.

Showers and bathtubs pose a threat to bath safety. Suiting your home with supplies to create a safer environment, especially around water and hard home appliances, is imperative. Easy additions like bath mats for your tub create a safer bathroom as mats are held securely by suction cups, preventing falls and slips. For individuals who have difficulty standing, a shower chair is another great quick fix. Both comfortable and durable, these chairs are fantastic aids in promoting bath safety.

Bath safety is a priority. Shop DME Supply USA to outfit your home with everything you need to keep you and your loved ones from harm.

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