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DME Supply USA is committed to providing the very best in durable medical equipment and top-notch service. Our customers will always be our priority as we provide quality products and services that are the most innovative and practical.

We have over 20 years of combined service in the healthcare industry. Our goal is to offer the very best prices, outstanding service, and quality care to our customers. When you shop at DME Supply USA you will find we have all you need and more for your everyday medical equipment needs, along with a knowledgeable staff ready to assist via phone, live chat, or email.

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A subsidiary of one of the United States’ leading providers of oxygen and other respiratory therapy services to patients at home, the DME Supply USA website was launched in February 2017. The site was created to cater to our customer base and expand our product base. The catalog was to include incontinence, respiratory, mobility, and nutrition products, patient aids, and whatever customers asked for if we were able to get our hands on it. To this day we continue to expand our catalog.

DME Supply USA has all the major brands within the medical equipment field, making our site a one-stop shop. We are the leaders in the medical equipment industry and we take our position seriously. You can rely on our highly trained staff to provide great advice with caring hearts and true understanding of your needs and wishes. This is why our logo represents people (DME Supply USA and our customers) arm in arm working together, surrounding the medical symbol of the cross.

Quality service just doesn't mean great customer service - it also means quality care with our products and services. We care about our community and you, so we offer products that are safe for you as well as the environment. You can count on DME Supply USA to research, review, and test all products on our site before they reach our home.

Bookmark DME Supply USA because you will find we are your top choice for all your medical supply needs!

Thank you for choosing DME Supply USA to provide your medical equipment and help you care for your medical needs.


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